Talbot Counselling & Psychotherapy

Difficulties i can help with

If you are in crisis or are struggling to cope, please contact me for confidential, professional support.


Survivors of Abuse

Sexual Violence / Abuse

Domestic Violence / Abuse

Psychological / Emotional Abuse

Physical Abuse


Acts of Omission / Control

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Childhood Trauma

Adverse Childhood Event (ACE)

Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Sexual / Physical

Psychological / Emotional


Adults 18 & Over

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Personal Development

Self - Esteem

 Confidence & Resilience

  Wellbeing & Self - Care

Self - Awareness

Decision Making & Direction

Enhanced Quality of Life

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Mental Health


 Anxiety / GAD 

 Personality Disorders

Stress / Anger /  PTSD

Panic / Phobia / OCD / OTRS

Post Natal Depression

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Loved One / Partner 

  Family /Friend

Job / Home / Pet

 Health / Self - Esteem


Miscarriage  / Abortion 

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Relationship Difficulties

Affairs / Betrayals / Trust

Separation / Divorce

Intimacy / Sexual

Pregnancy / Family issues

Couples Therapy

Work  /  Financial 

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Alcohol / Drugs

Substance Misuse

Internet / Shopping

Food / Tobacco



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Self  Harm

Eating Disorders

Suicide Idealisation 

Self Neglect / Loathing 

Cutting / Burning 

Hair Pulling

Addictions / Poisoning 

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Carers Support

Are you affected by someone else's drinking or drug use  ? I offer advice, compassion and support, helping you to survive living with someone else's substance misuse. 

General Carers Support

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Zeichenfläche 6

" I have had extensive training within the spectrum of trauma, and have worked therapeutically with the adult survivors of childhood abuse, sexual violence and addictions across three charity, and government funded counselling organisations."