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First Steps

Starting Therapy

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Following your enquiry, you will be invited to an informal 30-45 minute session, where we can talk about your situation and how we might work together. This first introductory session is  a  chance for you to assess if I am the right person for you. It also gives an opportunity for me to understand what you are looking for, and to see if I feel what I can offer will suit you, before we make an agreement to work together. Should you wish to engage within therapy,  sessions will be offered at a time to suit you, usually weekly,  in person, at either Poole or Christchurch, but could also be via telephone or Internet, following agreement.

The core of our work together will centre around you, and on strengthening and healing your relationship with yourself. Reviews will be offered at regular intervals to ensure your expectations and goals are being met or worked towards and for any adjustments to be made with regard to pre-negotiated plans or ways of improving therapeutic progress.

"If you would like to meet with me for an introductory session, or have any question, please contact me."

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"Probably​ the most important factor in choosing a counsellor is to see someone you feel comfortable with, and can trust. Please talk to me about any concerns you may have about starting therapy, how it works, or my background and approach to therapeutic work.

Gaining an understanding of what to expect in therapy will likely help reduce any anxiety."