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Introductory Session

The first introductory session is a chance for you to assess if I am the right person for you and to see if I feel what I can offer will suit you, before we make an agreement to work together. 

I offer a 30 -45 minute introductory consultation where we can discuss the best route forward for you.

Integrative Counselling

My approach is integrative which means I have been trained in, and can employ several theoretical approaches. I draw from cognitive behavioural therapy, humanistic/person centred, psychodynamic, solution focused brief therapy and existential approaches to adapt the theory to each individual client.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Incorporates acceptance strategies, mindfulness techniques, and a wide range of behavioural approaches already known to be effective from CBT. ACT is one of a family of interventions inside the CBT tradition which i integrate within therapy.

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Trauma Therapy

If you are suffering from the impact of an adverse  childhood or life event, (ACE)

 I can offer a safe space for reflection, healing and support.

 I have had extensive training within the spectrum of Trauma and work therapeutically with survivors of abuse.

Telephone Counselling

I can offer a brief telephone chat prior to your introductory session. 

This  enables me to understand what you need from counselling and for you to feel more comfortable with  me. Telephone counselling available following agreement.

Skype Counselling 

Talbot Counselling &  CBT are soon to offer Skype Counselling to their clients.

 If you would like more information on Skype Counselling please enquire. Therapy is  shown to be more effective when engaged within on a 1-1  basis   and in person. 

Drink Smart

A six week alcohol reduction plan designed to bring awareness around alcohol safety and promote general wellbeing. 

Explore your triggers, identify underlying issues and difficulties, discover and work with coping strategies and  maintain your success.  

Whether you are working towards abstinence or wish to learn to enjoy alcohol safely. 


Individual plans tailored to your needs, that work for you. 

 Manage your use, reduce harm  and stay on track with maintenance plans.

If your drug/substance/alcohol use is causing you physical or psychological distress, and you would like help around minimising harm and reducing your use, towards living a drug free life, please contact me for confidential practical and nonjudgmental  support. 

Carers Support

Are you affected by someone else's drinking or drug use or are supporting a friend, relative or partner who has a drug or alcohol problem ? 

I offer advice, compassion and support, helping you to survive  living with someone else's substance misuse.

 Cope with conflict, set and maintain boundaries and learn to support them and yourself through their treatment.

What our clients are saying

To be honest, i was very nervous to start, ​but Jo is very warm, and understanding, and i am glad i made the decision to have counselling.

She is helping me get my life back on track.

Male client aged 19

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